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I found some beautiful jewels in this piece - beautiful! But, they were buried in paragraphs too long for my eyes. Set the treasures in this piece on display. They ministered to me.
I agree with Christa, break down the paragraphs. But what great substance. Fantastic writing.
this is very instructional. Felt like reading a devotion book. good job!
Nice devotional-type piece. This had smoe good lessons in it. I'm not sure I liked equating the dry bones of Ezekial fame with the skeletons I have in my closet ... I don't want THEM to come back! lol! But, very well written.
This ministered to me as well. Thank you! I'm going to have to come back to this and give it more thought. Great devotional.
Nice work! Nothing is too hard for God.
This is a great devotional. I agree that I don't want any of my closeted skeletons coming back, but, I love the way you equated this to those things, people, relationships, etc. in our lives. Great job.
I particularly liked the beginning and ending....