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Very good - really earthed the reality of Jesus' death in contemporary situations. WOuld make a great magazine article, I reckon
I like the variety of characters, I like the real world issues they dealt with. I like the conclusion built around Christ. Powerful message. I know it was an artistic usage, but the immediate resolution of each issue was just a touch forced ... I think that stood out only because the issues were real world and earthy, then the resolution was **poof**. Aside from that very little nit pick (and I doubt that'll cost you with the judges) I think you have a very competitive piece here!
I liked the way that you created some very real pictures of the situations people experience when they pray for inner strength. The contrast between Jesus' weakness and our strength was very effective.
This is right up my alley... I like the format and the resolution. You are an inspiration!
The cat's 'royal rest disturbed' was a lovely touch.

Your ability with words is very impressive.

Great job.
Very nicely done. I enjoyed this piece immensely. It brought inner peace to me...thank you for sharing.
'Wholeness blew in and she began to pray in trust instead of desperation'. That line touched me powerfully. Strong piece this, and loved the build up to the conclusion. God bless.
Your last nine lines are stunningly beautiful. Thank you.
Very well written! I liked the comparision between what we experience and what Jesus experienced. The format was very unusual because I'm not used to reading that kind. However, it was definitely fitting for the topic.
Well done.
Sad and yet hopeful. The imagery was strong for the difficulties. I want it to be just as strong for the resolution.
Beautiful Sally. There is only One source. Oh that we would learn to go to Him BEFORE we try everything else!
Beautifully done! You captured very creatively something we all have to do - surrender to the Lord. I needed the reminder. Thank you!
Great message! Sometimes we need to stop trying everything and just receive. Well done.