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Very creative! I like it!

(hehehe, had to laugh about the "toe thing" and the "tickle thing" LOL)
Oh, brilliant, brilliant. How inventive! How perceptive and wise! One of my all time favourites. Book your seat in winners' row...
Score well on the creative front, that's for sure! Very good! lol! I thik it could be polished a bit more. Each piggy's tale should be crystaline and precise. I think there was still a touch of swill that could have been wiped away. But hey, how can anyone argue with running wee-wee-wee all the way home to God? Love the approach!
This is indeed a very creative approach, and delightful to read. I think the connection to the topic is somewhat vague, as the same analogy could be applied to fulfillment, love, and many other topics that might come our way this quarter. But that's my only criticism. This is a cute, easy-to-read lesson and you've written it well.
Cute and creative! Very nice work! Made me laugh!
A box of chocolates and scrumptious piggy swill, eh?!

This is exceptionally creative.

I will think of this piece each time I do this to a small child! Thanks.
An interesting way to explain inner strength; creative and unique.
I love the idea of this, though I agree with Maxx that it needs tightening up some. But very creative. God bless.
What an absolutely clever and termendously creative essay! One of the best devotionals I've read here. I thought the 2nd little piggy's paragraph was a bit weak--he stole some of the thunder from "wee wee" piggy, who should definitely be the climax of your piece. But truthfully, this is so minor, because this piece is sheer delight.
This was really a creative approach. Loved it.
Great entertaining approach! Who would of 'thunk it'...the 'little piggies' as a memorable devotional! You've nailed the creative angle for sure!!
Very original! What a creative way to illustrate the futility of looking to anyone/anything but God for strength. Good job!
Extremely clever and creative! I loved every analogy. Wonderful work!
Blessings, Lynda