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A beautiful description of a realistic encounter with God. The message was strong. Thanks.
A wonderful story. Thanks for writing it as this is something that I am going through in my life right now. God bless you.
Excellent writing. You wove the two truths of reality v.God's voice into this so beautifully ... I still don't know how you did it so well.
Great, powerful piece of writing. Very well done!
Beautiful. Well done.
Phew - powerful! The message is EXCELLENT.

The way you use words is art itself ... here is one I enjoyed: "... a sighing sibilance within that began to gather strength". There were many more too.

The symbolism is magnificent.

This is my favourite of all the pieces I've read thus far ... for what my opinion is worth ;-) WELL DONE!
What remains to be said but, AMEN! Wonderful.
This is the type of writing one would expect from the Masters...and indeed it fulfilled my expectations, and Then Some! I am speechless with accolades for the Author of this awesome work of art. Indeed a Masterpiece. Thank you.
Beautifully written!
When a writer brings me to tears, I know the message is well worth reading again. This is stunning! I would guess you have touched a tender place in more than one. A+
Wow! One of those that needs no words.
Writing in first person is very difficult - how to avoid the repetative "I". Your theme and story are wonderful, work on correcting the syntax and you have a winner.
From the perfect title to the last word, this is just perfection. I'm absolutely in awe.
This piece is outstanding. Congrats!
I loved this line: "...and now fledgling buds briefly unfurled in the heat, wilted, and turned to cinder; they hadnt been given a chance to thrive, just like my..." and also the line about the pants and the apron, as well as many others. This was truly written masterfully. Great job as usual Ann. Congratulations.
Extraordinary. What a beautiful way of portraying the painful "death to self" that all who follow Christ must go through. Well done!
What more can be said? This is wonderful writing and an excellent message. Well done!
Oh my....wonderful! I loved the part about "I am the Giver of Dreams." Very skillfully done.
Beautiful message. How many of these "God encounters" have we missed over the years because we were not paying attention to the Teacher? Thank you for sharing this life altering story of a life molded to His will in love.
well-deserved win, congratulations
Ann, as a judge for the week of Fulfillment, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your piece - it was fantastic, and I don't mind telling you scored (in a tie) first place with me!
I already told you in an earlier comment that this was my favourite of all the pieces ... and I guess there are many who would say that too. Now I just want to add two comments. As I puff out my chest a little, I'll say, "I told you so!" And of course, the second comment is a hearty CONGRATULATIONS!
What an excellent and powerful story! Congrats on first place!
If one would wonder what a first place entry might look like, their search need go no further than here.

An engulfing poetic narrative that will burn in my memory for a long time to come.

Great Job on a bar well set!

Ann, I'm late getting a comment on this remarkable piece, but I wanted to be sure to add my congratulations too. This is written so beautifully and is stunningly gripping. What a deep and unforgetable story! Thank you for this inspiring winning entry!!
A beautifully written piece of work that expresses a depth of life experience and an awesome encounter with God without being maudlin or cheesy. Well done and congratulations. Yeggy
Again! CONGRATULATIONS! Your writing inspires me!
I was a judge the week this piece won ... and again during the BoB judging. So I was doubly blessed. Great messages, great characters, great scenes. You done good! Congrats! :-)
Okay, that's it - I'm adding you to my Author Tracker list.
Not only is this an outstanding story but what a great lesson for us all. Your will Lord, not mine.
Thanks and again, congratulations.
Thank you for this testimony. I feel so much better facing the road I am facing. I am getting confirmation from God's servants. Thank you.
I see myself in your've said so beautifully all I couldn't express. you've given the message so clearly.
Congratulations on your double BoB wins. I relate to the appropriation of dreams, the demand they be fulfilled and the disappointment when life ends up looking so different. My entry for this week had been of a similar journey. I'm just new at these weekly challenges but God established victory in my heart through the surrendered pen, nonetheless. You are on my "Track This Author" list. Thanks for the double blessing for me this morning.
Absolutely all the right words...I found myself in your story and I embraced the chance to feel all of the emotion that flew from your fingertips...thank you! A job well done.
This is a great piece - a wonderful combination of detail, believability, and message. I simply have one comment of fact correction. Newspaper sales flyers (I've learned from experience) do NOT burn - no matter how long a match or lighter is held to them. This discovery made for a long night of camping. LOL.
Anyhoo, thanks so much for sharing this.

God bless,

Reading this was a great start to a beautiful day! great job
This is the first article I have read since joining the site. I love your expression of words. I smiled at your analogy of the fire to the burning bush. Very thoughtful piece of writing.

God Bless.
Definitely worthy of an award. Good Job!
Excellent work.
Beyond comment - we all have so much to learn and grow and you have captured the heart and yours here.