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I save my praise for entries that move me and this one did. Mostly because my father just went into Hospice and I so appreciate your approach and perspective as a nurse. I wish that it were universal. Thanks for sharing, keep up the good work (which God prepared for you in advance), and God bless!
Several years ago, I was a hospice volunteer and occasionally was able to talk about Jesus to them. God bless you for your work in this difficult field!
This is very good. As you ask for red ink, I would suggest that you could have expanded the paragraph on those families who don't want to know, whose lives are gripped by despair. By developing this, it may have served to make the contrast more forceful. But that said, it's a powerful piece of writing.
Thanks for giving yourself to such a wonderful profession. Having spent seven months with hospice before my husband died, I have seen the difficulty of this kind of care. Your love and compassion is such a blessing to patient and families. Thank God for hospice They certainly give hope that the journey of dying will not be done alone.
Thank you for sharing. You are blessed, fortunate, and privileged to work with Hospice patients, even though it is challenging at times. God Bless.
Beautifully written. Hospice work is difficult (I have been a volunteer) and having someone in hospice is as well (I have dealt with this twice.
Thank you for sharing. This would do well to be published so that those who "fear" hospice can find the hope it offers. Search for a publication home.