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Great job with the topic and wonderful message overall.

Uniquely presented.
Well done.

Well done for the last minute! You are amazing! So is this young lady.
This kept me engaged all the way to the end. I must say though that I've read the last sentence several times and still am not sure what it is saying, But the rest? Great!
I watched Simone as she performed that wonderful routine! I live in Michigan and Larry Nassar's actions hvae had far-reaching consequences for MSU and gymnastics. I only hope the necessary changes are made to the sport, and this never happens again.

What is it that Simone Biles did that has never been done before? That sentence was confusing to me.

I've always admired gymnasts! It was my favorite activity in high school gym class. Thanks for the background on a terrible experience for young girls. Good job!
Never underestimate the strength and resolve of a woman, not matter the age or the size. The paradox comes through - such a flexible exterior with a stoic spirit that never backed down. I enjoyed your writing.
Gymnastics. Of course. That's a cool take on the topic. It's awful what so many of these gymnasts went through, though. May they find healing and may nothing like this happen again.
This is a great article. My heart breaks for all of those girls, but am also so proud of the strength it took to stop this monster. Congratulations on your EC! Happy Dance!