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Thank you for sharing this piece with us. Your message at the close is an important one, and sure to stay with us long after reading it.

This hits home for many of us I think. My parents were born right after WWII in the UK. Times were extremely tough and food rationing went on until well into the 1950s. So I experienced what you did - food insecure parents who ensured we ate everything on our plate.

One of my friends weighs over 300lbs and she said food addiction is real and so tough to overcome. An alcoholic does not have to drink, but you have to eat.

Prayers that you make good food choices.
I’m glad you are working through your hurt. You are certainly loved unconditionally by Jesus.
Good read and encouragement for others. Hoping for your soul satisfaction.
I can relate to this story. I had an eating disorder in my youth too and now struggle as an adult. A lot of the issues stem from wanting to be needed. Your message is beautiful and speaks to my heart.
That sounds really rough. I think it's great you've been able to find your worth in Christ, and you nailed it in the last paragraph. I think many can relate to what you've shared. It might read a little smoother if you used contractions. Just a thought.
Wow! What an honest, open revelation, something that few people are brave enough to do. The cravings of our childhood do indeed influence our adult behavior, both negatively and positively. Kudos for this well-written, meaningful piece.
God created us and knows our every weakness, and He loves us unconditionally. It's too bad some mothers don't. Thank you for a heartfelt entry. My mother loved me . . . but I still crave sweets.

Congratulations on your EC Award.

I could identify with many of the issues you shared. I did not start gaining weight until college but it was difficult to absorb so many hurtful comments.

I am learning to identify myself with how God sees me.

Thank you for sharing such a difficult experience.
Excellent job with this!