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Oh my, I can't even imagine. My daughter is a 1st-grade teacher and I know how she loves and worries about her kiddos. All of the kids in her poverty-stricken school receive free lunches. Thank you for fighting for that. You did an awesome job of pulling me into the story.
Excellent job with your entry and your efforts overall. My sister is a school nurse. She was very instrumental in providing "food" for the all of the children that couldn't afford meals. It breaks my heart at how this kind of thing can go on in this day and does.

But thanks to people like you, and my sister, and so many other nameless individuals, there is hope!

Thank you for sharing.

Oh my goodness - what a tragic ending. I am so glad that in many states food is more available to kids. I know there is even a summer programme to help kids who might not otherwise get regular meals during the break time.
So heart/breaking to think of a child starving!
How my heart breaks for this story and poor Johnny. I hope this is fiction, but my heart says otherwise - especially knowing there are so many more "Johnnys" in our world... Beautifully written; thank you for sharing.
Unbelievable that something like this could happen in our schools. A sad story. Thanks for sharing.
Wow, what a story. I'm sure this one will be a winner!
You relayed this sad story so well. If this is based on a true story, how heartbreaking.
This beautifully written story reveals the heart of a true Christian teacher. I think God gives us such examples to direct our lives.
So sad . . . it resonates with me, and probably others too, because I have regrets of not stepping in when I knew something was wrong.

Congratulations on your win!
I loved seeing this in first place! Congratulations . . . again!
This was such a heartbreaking story. I admire your determination and courage to stand up.

I hope this wasn't a true story. The mother seemed to put up obstacles for anyone trying to help her son.

A big thank you for working in food pantries and soup kitchens.
Congratulations on your 1st place win in EC.
An excellent heart wrenching story. Thank for taking our souls a little deeper into reality for some of our families and schools. Well written.
Congratulations on such a beautifully written and touching story.