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Oh, this made me laugh. I have a cat just like that! If cats had opposable thumbs I truly believe they would rule the world!

Minor points, it is deprivation, and moot (not mote).

My two cats are commiserating. They would like to give their opinion, too, but the bedroom door was closed. They ended up galloping through the house! LOL What a great read!
I like pieces from an animal's point of view. This had me smiling. What a fun read. Well done.
You've made my heart smile!
Animals are always a fav of mine.
I was waiting for kitty to scratch the human.
This is a fun read, written as only someone owned by a cat could. Congratulations, Barbara, on your EC!
This is really funny. I can totally relate. I love cats. I used to breed Persians and they were more egocentric than my "regular" cats! You captured the cat's personality perfectly. They can be dramatic little creatures. I remember writing a story once about birds catching words as they came out of the house via internet. I remember it didn't do well, and one of the main reasons was people said that they couldn't picture birds caring about the internet. I flashed back to those comments when I read that a cat was writing a diary. However, I think it's clever, cute, and imaginative, but I know many are realists. I'll also admit that the ending was a bit predictable. Although again, I thought it was really funny. My daughter took her cat to the vet and was told to cut her food to a quarter a cup twice a day. I can just imagine her thinking similar things as your MC. 😉 Congratulations on your EC. Happy Dance!
Being a manipulatee of a trannical feline, I can relate to this. Well done.