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This is so delightful. What a mischievous young lady you were! Did your friend ever forgive you? And aren't you glad you grew up to be a wonderful woman with wisdom concerning your antics!
Thanks for sharing this story with us which was certainly on topic! I could feel your embarrassment...I'm sure that was quite a lesson to be learned. Glad you weren't fired.

How fun! I bet this places first!
Oh my goodness. I can feel your mortification. But the last line had me laughing. A sure winner here.
It is good to be able to laugh at things afterwards. Hope your friend forgave you. I am sure this will place.
You, dear author, are a great storyteller. I enjoyed this from beginning to end. Well done!
Oh dear. It's amazing how a bit of boredom can get us in horrible trouble. You introduced the conflicts right away and resolved them in a funny way. You nailed the topic too.
You have such a special talent. Congratulations on your EC! Happy Dance!
I totally loved this! What a prankster.
This sure reads like a winner to me. You had me laughing for several minutes--good for the soul! It's especially funny because it is NONfiction. Loved it!