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How awful! I had a taste of that in a promotion I received and was asked who I knew. It never went further then that, but it was painful. I can only imagine the hurt you had to bear!
Wow! What a horrible experience. You've opened up the emotional tap on this well done piece. Jealousy is as infectious and deadly as Ebola. So sad how those things expand to engulf even the newcomer. I love the resolution you describe in this article and rejoice it's true. A good lesson for all of us.
So awful to go through such an attack. Not many would have been able to work in that environment. Yes, grace...

Wing His Words
Clearly, a tough time for you that you've expressed with grace - hard-won grace that reveals God as the one who has sustained you with his tenderness. Well done. I hope it scores well with the judges.
This type of story is told too often in this crazy, real world of ours, and it breaks my heart. Not only do people use gossip to bring someone down, but there is truly sexual harassment and unequal pay. My heart breaks that things like that are still happening. You evoked some powerful emotions from me right from the beginning to the very end.
I was curious, at first, who the "They" were. I figured out it was co-workers, but this opener might have been even more powerful if you named some of the co-workers, have them stage-whisper to one another, crinkle their noses etc. Maybe give the MC some dialog or thought in the beginning, just to start it out with a bit more punch, although you did identify a conflict right out of the box and that pulled me in. Be careful about little things like run-on sentences (1st paragraph, all but last sentence) and missing some commas that might make it easier to understand.
I do like how you developed your character. She has such courage and strength, and it's clear that it comes from the Lord. I think often the ending can be the hardest part to nail, but in my opinion, you did an awesome job with it. I smiled and liked how you resolved the conflicts. It has a clear Christian message and is spot on topic. You did an awesome job.
You had me in from start to finish. Great writing.
Testimonies like this are so encouraging and God glorifying. Thank you for sharing your story.