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How many kids suffer like this? Far more are in the shadows of their homes then we can ever imagine. Thank you so much for writing this and showing how important ministries are that reach out to the hurting. Great job!
Definitely a place of refuge for you! I'm sorry you had to grow up in that environment, yet God took care of you. Oh the stories you could tell! Thank you for sharing this story.
What a hard way to grow up, and I'm sure many kids out there are in similar situations today. It's all so sad. This is such an appropriate story for this topic, though.
What a lovely refuge! How blessed you were that people cared enough to provide it, and that you got to go. Isn't God amazing to make of you such a caring, wonderful woman! Great story.
Thank you for your heartfelt story, though it saddened me greatly, I realize that this is a reality for many children growing up. I'm so glad that you had the chance to "rest in the Lord" and take refuge in such a place.

Thank you for sharing,
BLessings to you~
Thank you for sharing your refuge with us. I always wanted to go to camp as a kid, for different, but similar reasons. Glad you had the experience and the Christian influences in your life when they weren't allowed at home.
Oh the MC in this story really tugged on my heart. There are so many young people who live like this. I'm blessed to have such amazing kids and am so sad for the kids who don't get the love they need. Congratulations on your EC. Happy Dance!