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Great take on the topic. At first, I was a bit confused, until I realized what was happening. It's so sad that things like this happen to innocent children. Great job playing it out.
At first I was a little confused as to why the therapist waited until mid-conversation to say hello to Vivian. Then, I began to understand that the therapist had to wait and see to "whom" she spoke. Well done. We don't often think of people creating dissociated identities as a form of refuge, but for children, it may be their only way of coping. Well done.
This is a great take on the topic. It's so heartbreaking what people go through. I know of someone who has this, and thankfully, she's working with a great therapist. You did a good job on a difficult topic.
Informative article. I, too, wondered about Vivian, but figured it out by the end.
Such a sad problem you presented. I'm glad you made clear what you meant for the reader's understanding.
You do a great job of showing the different personalities and switching their dialog to match each individual personality. I can't even imagine how someone could traumatized such a innocent child, but it happens far too often and I think it's great you are shedding light on this horrible mental illness.
Great job of bringing this serious issue forward, it is a lot more prevalent than people realize.

I counseled someone at the nursing home who had it. It's sad, and serious...but thank God they can be helped.

Thanks for your great writing and shining a light on this "dark disorder" that haunts many.

Fascinating . . .but oh, so sad to think she needed to hide from some kind of horrible trauma. Well-written.