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I loved the sentiment and the portrayal of God building trust into his beloved followers. However, i felt the poem could have said more with the compactness of less lines.
I like the line about God not always sheltering us, but letting us live out the problem. That is so true!
What’s so good
about being God’s anointed?
You aren’t spared
from pain that hurts deeply
a sinister voice utters

I love that you pose this question early on, and then spend the rest of the poem answering it. God is faithful. Always.

~Nice work.
When I read a poem like yours it makes me want to try poetry some time. Good job!
This is a powerful piece. Poetry is hard for me because I struggle with rhythm and such and found myself needing to reread several lines, but I think that's me. You do create a great picture and make some outstanding points.
I like how you subtly inserted Biblical phrases, bits of the Psalms. David understood running to God for his refuge.