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I was wondering where the topic came in on this one, buy you had my attention throughout. I agree, the phrase "busy dying" does seem like an oxymoron to me.
You held my attention throughout. I could just picture this. And it made me smile at the end. Well done.
I was going to apologize for laughing out loud at "busy dying," but was glad when your characters also laughed. Great use of the topic.
Ha! An enjoyable - albeit creepy if you don't like snakes - read. I liked your use of the phrase to fit the topic.
I wondered if Sonja was listening in on the conversation. Busy dying? I am with you, how does one go about the busyness of dying?

Loved this.
You blended excitement and humor for a delightful story. You really had some interesting times where you lived, but I don't think I'll move there!
I was totally enthralled with this story. It grabbed my attention right away. I'll admit at first I felt a bit uncomfortable at the family laughing at a young person dying. I didn't realize until I reread it that Sonja was talking about the MC's brother because his name wasn't mentioned earlier. Once it clicked that they were not laughing at the unfortunate death of another young boy, I appreciated the situation and chuckled myself. You did a great job of using the topic busy in several different ways. You showed the conflict right away. The difference in English from different countries can be pretty big, even in different areas in the same country there can be idioms that are confusing. Your pacing of the story fit the topic spot on. Good job.
Busy dying. It does sound funny, but I guess if someone is really doing that, it's not funny. You told this tale well. Nicely done.