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After I broke my toe last year, I started to realize how difficult it is to walk (especially in excruciating pain) just a few steps. I'm praying for you and all who need comfort.
My heart breaks for you. :( This well-describes your pain.
For sure, you do not enjoy what might be child's play t another, but I'm so thankful God gives you comfort--and the ability to write well!
Thank you for honestly sharing your moment by moment struggle Shann. Thank you also sharing how God so graciously intervened in your lament and thank you for your wonderful went over my head at first, but when I got it- I smiled ear to ear at your enduring sense of humor!
You are precious and cherished!!
Congratulations on your 2nd place EC award, Shann!

I know how hard you have struggled in life. You are an inspiration to me, both as a writer and a person. You are continually in my prayers.
Congrats on your 2nd place win and EC!!! You are a valuable person and you mean a lot to many people-especially me! Good job!
Congrats!!! So happy for you!
Congratulations! A piece of well-deserved work!
Congratulations on your was well deserved! Your writing is excellent, and your openness about how hard it is for you and how you wouldn't wish that on anyone are profound. Thank you for sharing your heart and I'l be praying for you! (Btw...I'm amazed at the encouragement and love you pour out on the rest of us! Thank you!:))
Happy, happy dance!
Your epiphany of receiving true understanding from someone else means they must suffer also - and your not wishing that on anyone else is Christ-like LOVE. And it is a jolting message we all need to hear.
You are so beautiful. I finally had a moment to read - I'm so glad you entered this. May God's blessings of comfort and peace flow onto you in such a way that it truly surpasses all understanding.
Dear Shann, thank you for sharing this and for showing us how God broke through to you despite all your pain. It is indeed hard for us others to imagine what it's like for you so thanks for your honesty. Thanks too for being available to encourage others and be used by God. I have appreciated your help and encouragement and I know others have too. Oh yes - this is great writing too! God bless you.