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Wrigley has the best questions. I don't think we'll need bathrooms in Heaven because of our new bodies.
Cute story. Kids can be annoying in an adorable way, can't they? I love the ending. Well done.
That Wrigley is a character! Fun story.
You captured the child's persistence and the mother's frustration perfectly. A perfect theme for the challenge topic!
Oh, I can remember those days when my two little boys were always tugging on me, asking questions, questions, questions. You've captured the mother's patience and the child's persistence beautifully in your well-constructed dialog. Kudos !
Ha! That's definitely a question I would have - whether or not there is a potty in Heaven!

I thought maybe in a few places "she" or "her" could have been used in place of Mommy or Wrigley since they were the only two characters. Using "said" caught my eye - I don't think you overused it though; I think I'm just overly sensitive to it.

A delightful (and realistic) story!
Your story reminds me of times with my little girl (who now has a granddaughter not quite ready for questions). I loved the questions and the answers. Good storytelling.