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This is so cute. What a faithful friend. I love the humor throughout and the nail filing in deep care of the conversation. I felt like I was a fly on the wall. I could "see" the eye rolling, annoyance, tongu-biting, all of it! And the end..."Grandma!" Lol fantastic entry!!!
I felt like I was listening to the conversation on a third party line. Clever and entertaining.
The first paragraph really hooked me...I was amazed at what she accomplished. :) The humor in this piece was great. "Crisis #117" and "suggesting "Queen Of The Universe" ....fantastic! The ending was perfect, too.
Loved your humor! I would tell the mc to get caller ID and ignore the middle of the night calls. People like that will never change.
I love every word of this! It's funny and witty and well, just great. The ending made me laugh out loud. I'm called Grandma too. None of these other trendy names for me.
This is hysterical and a wee bit sad. Your sense of humor is delightful and your restraint remarkable. Of course, no matter what a grandmother wants to be called, it's the little one who usually comes up with the name!
You are the queen of irony! I love this entertaining piece, carrying the reader along on a wave of humor. I think often our grandkids decide what they'll call us. My first grandchild's pronunciation of grandma "Mugaw" has lasted through three more grandkids and four great grandkids! Truly, grandkids are a special gift from God to reward us for getting older.
I may not have called anyone in the middle of the night but Crisis #117 is a real thing!
Loved your story ....
I'm Gigi btw
Oooohhhhh, I love this! You had me chuckling the whole way through.
Congrats on the EC!
Congratulations on your EC. Happy Dance!