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You painted quite the picture of your possible suitors. Fun and romance all interwoven into one story.
Awww! Great story! I've heard horror stories of those speed-dating events. Glad this had a happy ending and I want to read more of the story!
This is such a fun story. I have never speed dated, and glad for that. Nice job.
This is such a "feel good" story. I love the name "Yellow Suspenders" and some of the other descriptions such as "he blew his nose in a dainty, flowered handkerchief." And I loved your description of a snake who you couldn't tolerate even if the snake "could cook dinner, do the laundry and lay golden eggs." These little things make a story fun to read! I wish the word count limit had allowed you room to continue on. I want to know what happened the rest of the evening! :-)
This is a great story. I chuckled several times. You have a delightful sense of humor and your pacing is spot on.
Had my smiling and chuckling from the get-go and didn't stop. I love it - especially since I'm in the 35-year-old-and-still-single category myself. Ha! No criticism from me... other than I wish I could meet those gorgeous eyes for myself... :-D
Congratulations on a fun story with wonderful descriptions of quirky characters. Speed dating sure sounds scary!
Fantastic story! I literally laughed out loud at this line, "Okay then, on to the next table and prospect number two." So sweet and funny. Great job!
Go straight to the top of EC! This is wonderful in every way. I loved the humor!
Congratulations on your's well deserved!
Congratulations on your well-deserved EC award, Betty.
Awesome! LOL and congrats!
Congratulations on your EC. Happy Dance!