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I love your take on the topic. I especially enjoyed how well the son knew his mom. :)
Awww! What a sweet story! I loved the title and the reference to the room being like an archeological dig. That was perfect! Well done!
Aww! Love it. Not only was it a super sweet story, but it was written well, too!
This wonderfully written piece is one any mother could identify with. I love it that the son's whole room was a diary that Mom had been reading through the years. The love between mother and son came through clearly.
This is so creative. It took me back to digging through my kids' rooms after they moved out. Man they left so much junk behind. I tried not to read personal notes, but sometimes the temptation was overwhelming. I found myself questioning my parenting because some of the notes and diary entries were quite dark. I didn't know my son was hurting that much. I especially liked how well your son knew you and left a few notes just for you. This is a fresh-out-of-the-box take on the topic.
Such a lovely story - and I loved that it meandered a bit with her discoveries and her memories. And the ending made me smile - a son who truly knows his mom!
Awwww. Written beautifully from a momma's heart. Perfect ending.
This is one of my favorites this week. Love that he knew Mom would eventually find his note. Very well done.
Congratulations on your EC! Happy Dance!