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I like the progression. It took me more than halfway through before I got it. Great job.
Great job creating suspense in trying to figure out why the author was lamenting to her diary. I love the happy ending.
I could tell by the title that it had to do with pregnancy. Your journal lamenting was spot on- sounded a lot like me in my times of despair. Great job, and I think this should be a winner!
This is a really special series of events for "diary.: I easily identify with this after watching a dear friend go through all you described, only to be disappointed in the end. Your excellent progression really makes me wish for the same ending for her!
I don't usually read titles, but this time I did so I knew right away what the anger and frustration was all about. You did an outstanding job of capturing the MC's state of mind. You really opened my eyes as to how difficult it can be for some couples to conceive as well as how blame can sneak in and hurt some relationships. I'm glad this had a happy ending. I know many do not. This is a powerful read.
You did a great job capturing the raw emotion and painful disappointment of your MC. And I'm a sucker for a happy ending. Twins! Double the blessing. Well done.
Love the journaling format you used. I could feel the frustration of the MC and the what a joyful ending!
Congratulations on your EC. Happy Dance!
Congrats, Corinne. You kept me guessing till the last third of the piece. I love the way you managed to get a mood change into your diary format.
I can't imagine what a mother must go through, especially with in vitro.
This heartfelt piece gives me some idea, though.
Well done. Congrats on yr high commendation. Well earned.