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What a precious treasure! And even more so the treasure that your brother will be in heaven BECAUSE of your mother's diaries.

I loved this poem.
Wow! I had goosebumps at your ending! A beautiful story. Well done!
This awesome story was so beautifully written, I will keep it in my heart for days to come! Such a wonderful godly mother you had and how wonderfully you introduced her to us!
This is beyond beautiful. It's amazing what moms and the Holy Spirit can do when working together. I have tears in my eyes. I know in poetry, punctuation and such can be a stylistic decision, but generally if mother is used as a common noun (My mother loves me; the brother laughs.) then it starts with a lowercase letter, but if used as a proper noun or a name (Mother loves me; Brother laughed.) then it starts with a capital. That is a tiny thing, barely worth mentioning though. Poetry is not my genre. I struggle to hear rhythm and such, but I thought your rhymes were great, and the flow sounded good to my ears. Most importantly, the message is astonishing.
Powerful ending. Loved the flow and story that was told.
Wow - what a powerful ending. The entire poem was a pleasure to read!
Beautiful. Touching. Powerful ending. Very well done.
Congratulations on ranking 17th. Happy Dance!