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Interesting view on this topic - I know people who write too much on social media.
I find that I prefer writing my thoughts, because I can go back and edit my words. I can't do that when I speak them out loud. That's when I get in trouble.
We all have days when we need to vent about work. Unfortunately, some jobs that is more the norm than the exception. This is wise advice for people in demanding jobs with little recognition. Thanks for sharing.
When I was laid off of my job a couple years ago, I found some records I had kept of near-confrontational instances between me and a certain coworker. I was always in debate with myself as to whether or not to keep documentation or not... for fear of it biting ME in the behind, instead of the real perpetrator. Thankfully it never came to that, but I can relate the need to vent and record. I'm sure many people can! I wasn't sure where you were going with this, but I'm glad you weren't like Carl...
You have some very wise suggestions with a good example of what NOT to do. I have been known to write myself a letter, spilling out my frustrations with another person, then tearing it up to never be found! ; )
This is an interesting take on the topic. It's sad we live in a world where we need to cocument things to protect ourselves, yet at the same time worry someone might find it and take it out of context. You have some great, and I enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek humor about Carl. Good job.
Glad you're not at that job anymore. Wise on your part to be intentional in what you wrote. Interesting take on the topic, for sure.
Writing publicly in anger is NEVER a good thing! But it is a great way to lay things out logically - just wish he hadn't done it for the world to see!
Yes! Over sharing on social media is never a great idea. I could relate to this having been a supervisor myself. Enjoyed this piece.
Life is too short to spend it in such a job, isn't it! You gave readers a wise solution for dealing with those difficult encounters, and your writing is very readable and thought provoking. I can identify from my own experience. When I checked the upcoming weeks' schedule, I knew in advance which days would be a joy, no matter the workload, because of the others scheduled to be on duty with me. Not so much if scheduled with others on staff! Thank you for sharing your experience, and thank you, too, for commenting on my Farewell to Seventeen diary entry!