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I've never suffered from post-partum depression, but I have had similiar experiences die to a side effect from a medicine. You captured the horror of it all so well. Mental illness are still conditions where many sufferers feel shame. Articles like this, and people talking about their experiences will help. You did an awesome job of playing this piece out.
Powerful and oh so heart-breaking. I'm glad help came in time for the MC. I can see how someone could easily cave in to those crazy voices.
How vividly you portrayed the problem that afflicts some mothers after childbirth. So thankful that in your story there's an understanding, loving husband.
Wow. This is a powerful read. It's a tough subject, but one of those that needs to be written about.
I don't know what to say. My heart goes out to this young mother and the whole family. Good job of drawing your reader into the emotional scene.
Great piece!Very compelling. I feared the worst since that has usually already happened by the time we hear the story.
A hard thing to read about but young mothers need to know they are not alone during this time. You handled the story well, wrote with clarity and purpose. Very good job.
This is sad, but I know, also so true. This is well-written, and I hope it helps someone.
Congratulations on your EC! Happy Dance!
Powerfully written. Congratulations on an EC win. Of the entries I've read, this one deserved first place. Could be expanded into a book.