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This really tugged at my heart. So sad about her daughter, but at least she was able to make it up to sweet old Hal. Great story.
What a story! We do indeed reap what we sow and your story proved that "The sins of the fathers (parents) fall upon their children." The child in your story paid dearly for her mother's sins. I like the way you fleshed out the story, illustrated your premise well and brought it to a definite and positive ending. Good job!
This was a bitter-sweet story. Well done!
That's a hard lesson to learn, especially at the expense of our children. Great writing!
Congratulations. What a sad story. I could have kept on reading...hoping for a happy ending with her daughter. Well done.
This is a great story. Our kids watch us so carefully. My husband would occasionally say, Do what I say, not what I do. " I'd get so upset with him because actions are way more powerful than words. You did a nice job of building the suspense. I figured the ending would involve a confession with Hal admitting he had known all along. I do like the open-ending ending. It allows different readers to see different things in the story. Nice take on the topic too.
This is a story to stay in the mind. I like the night gardening descriptions AND the change in the MC's heart.
Congratulations on ranking 8th overall! Happy Dance!
Congratulations! Blessings!