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I like the flow of this poem, and its message. But why all caps? That was very distracting to me. I can tell you worked hard on this piece.
Wonderful and loving praise to our Lord above.


Wow! This is truly beautiful. The rhythm, the rhyme, the message all flow so smoothly together.
This is really lovely. I'm not super musical but I could hear this in my head. I'll admit the all caps was distracting to me (I usually think of someone screaming or shouting when I see all caps and this song, in my head at least felt more passionate, more of a plea than a shout.) But formatting is really insignificant. What matters is the beautiful message that touched my heart.
I struggled all week trying to find something to write about using this topic and finally last that Thursday morning before it was due, I was humming that old hymn from my childhood and thought maybe I could use that as a format. I had exactly one hour til the Challenge would close. I rushed like crazy and because I don't see well, I always do my rough drafts in caps so I can see the errors quicker. I finally finished at just 4 minutes before 11 a.m. that Thursday and quickly submitted it, not realizing until later that I'd forgotten to put the poem back into small font. I also overlooked one misspelled word. I'm sure it was distracting to read this in caps and I'm sorry I didn't give myself enough time to proofread better. Consider it a lesson well-learned by me.
Nice rhythm and rhyme in this poem and a meaningful message. And the fact that you wrote it so quickly is really impressive. It takes me a long time to finish a poem. Well done.
Congratulations on ranking 11th overall. Happy Dance!