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This entry made me laugh out loud! As a fellow non-painter and clumsy to boot, I could picture me in this scene.

Fun entry!
Another laugh out loud here! I could picture everything as you described it, and even cringed when you slipped. I love your humor. Well done!
Ha Ha! I love the choice of words! "I’m talking 747 take-off loud. Rock concert drum solo loud. Jackhammer-on-concrete loud." I laughed at the picture of the scattered art supplies all over the yard as you crawled your "football field" distance to the house.
Your humor, satire and all, leaves me in stitches. I love your voice and all the descriptions. You are good!
It's not nice to laugh at someone misadventure or misfortune. But your unfortunate misadventure had me in stitches. Oh, and I think you've found your talent ... telling stories. lol
Oh my goodness...this is a page out of my book! I laughed so hard...great writing. You should write for a "show" we need to laugh.

Sorry for you pain, and broken ankle, I feel bad for you and kind of guilty for laughing so hard. But, I'm sure you wrote with that in mind, keep us laughing. And, that you did!

Hope you're feeling better.

Great job!


Oh my goodness! Your sense of humor is divine. I felt like I was right in the room with you as you retell this story. The mental imagery is fantastastic. You cheered me up with your humor. The last line is wickedly funny. I pictured Snoopy on his doghouse typing those words. You have a way of making the story so everyone can relate, but each in a slightly different way. That takes great talent. Thanks for brightening my day.
This entry showed your delightful sense of humor.

You had me in stitches. Hopefully your character didn't need then.

This story reminded me of when I joined the church choir and it disbanded several weeks later. Opted instead for a chorus.
What a fun read. I like your descriptions of loud. And I appreciate the humor throughout. Well done.
Loved this! Hope you do write a novel. I'd look forward to reading it.
Congratulations on your EC. Happy Dance!
I enjoyed your delightful sense of humor throughout the story.

Clever take on this week's theme.