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My condolences that this is a true story. But it is hilarious.
Oh this was a fun read! I laughed till I started coughing! Love the UPS guy! Well done!
Welcome to the klutz - er - club. Thanks for sharing such a fun story - but most humor seems to come from our scariest or most embarrassing moments. Well done.
Cute story. It just kept getting worse and worse! The UPS guy!!! Right on topic with this entry. Great job.
I really like how you can laugh at yourself. This is so outrageous I knew it had to be true and would be perfect for a sitcom. Thanks for the chuckles.
You, dear author, have such a gift for story telling. You turned some painful and embarrassing experiences into a well told piece that is such a hoot. Love this.
This is my favorite entry this week. Your examples are perfect for the topic. I'll smile everything I see a UPS truck now!
Oh my stars! We MUST be related. This is hilarious, although I'm sure at the time it wasn't very funny to you.
You did an excellent job writing this. Kudos!
Masterful story telling. No slip ups in the delivery. Sorry for the one in real life.
Oh. My. Goodness. The fact that it is non-fiction makes it even funnier! Question: how did the town hear about this? I am sure neither you nor the UPS guy ever wanted to mention this incident?!
Yikes! (You should have taken a chance that someone might come in the door instead. *smile*)
I did get a little confused in the middle, wondering why the whole town was laughing . . .until I continued on. I enjoyed the descriptions of your incidents leading up to the final one.
Congratulations on ranking 14 overall. Happy Dance!