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Such a sweet story. A reminder that what we consider a disaster might be a blessing in disguise. Good writing. God bless.
This is an awesome story. It would make an awesome story for a kids' magazine (ages 8 to 12) or a Sunday School take-home sheet. Of course it's great for adults too. I can relate as I wiped out on asphalt after begging the coach to let me run hurdles. Then 16 years later, my own daughter worked harder than any member on the swim team. We used to say she worked so hard to come in last place. It was true, but the cool thing is how the crowd cheered her on and countless parents told me they were more impressed with her than kids with natural talent. I learned much from watching her and those lessons popped into my head as I read your awesome story.
Sweet job with the topic and great writing, thank you.

This was a delight to read. The story flowed nicely and I loved the ending. Well done!
Such a wonderful story. As a teacher, I’ve seen many students who suffered humiliation because they were not very athletic, and sports are set up to recognize winners. I wish way back then I had been more perceptive and provided more opportunities for the less athletic kids to find success in gym class.
I could relate to the character in the story. Only my two hurdles were the softball throw and the arm hang.

But sometimes what we think of as bad, can be a blessing in disguise.

This sweet story is well-written. Smooth - with no stumbles. Glad that it placed in the writing race.
Congratulations on finishing 6th place, Francy!
I'm really late on my comments, but trying to get caught up. Oh I hated those "Presidential" tests. I was an overweight kid and always last. Loved your story and I anticipated the ending. Well done!