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I smiled though this story, remembering all the times I've used "Bless his/her heart" in a negative way. Wrigley sounds wise for someone young. Good writing. God bless.
Great job with the topic, well done! I enjoyed reading this along with the message conveyed. Thank you,
I really liked "Gramma" here and her understanding, loving heart. The little girl is blessed to have someone like that in her life. And that was a window on the pettiness of people supposed to show God's love. Good story!
Grandmas will always be around to comfort granddaughters. I liked their interaction. Those "church" ladies seemed snipey to me. Well done. Thank you for sharing.
Awww. This is sweet. But I'm sad that she got a bad impression of church from these ladies. Love the ending though.
Here in the South where I live, "Bless your heart" is used for every occasion: for sympathy, a term of endearment, even a throw-away line. It amuses me sometimes how people use it without even thinking. I like your dialogus style of writing rather than an essay style and youre ease in writing with precision and clarity. Very good job.
This was delightful from beginning to end. I could picture Wrigley with her grandma, and Wrigley's dialogue had me smiling. Nice take on the topic and well done all the way around. :)
Wrigley is wise for her age. Sometimes gossip hurts. I'm glad the grandma was a role model for this precious child.
We were discussing this saying in a text group I belong to. I had not realized until then, that it could be
used as a snarky comment. I loved the grandma character- wished I had one! But at least I can try to be one! Loved your story. Wrigley is a smart girl.
Until I moved to Texas I always used 'bless your heart' as a was to say, "I am sorry you're experiencing this," so the first time I heard it used in a snarky way I was taken aback, and I was an adult!

So well written and the dialogue was excellent. One thing, have you ever timed 10 minutes? Not to say that Wrigley didn't sit with her grandma for that length of time, but it is a loooooonnnng time to be sitting still!
The pain and confusion of the MC at how she is treated in the one place that should treat her differently, by those who should know better, comes through very clearly. I am glad she has such a caring and understanding Grandma.

Great job. I would like to read more of Wrigley.
I always enjoy a good Wrigley story.

Have you ever compiled a book of these? I do have your book about tying your shoes.