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This is a powerful story. I remember seeing many lonely people, aching for touch whenever I entered a nursing home. It's amazing how God sends us love notes when we need them most. Tiny red ink: Eves should not have an apostrophe in this case just an s to make it plural. Your message is profound though and touched my heart.
This touched my heart profoundly...thank you for sharing this tender and powerfully written story.

God bless you~
Your title says it all. You made me feel your mother's pain and the awesome presence of God as you were blessed by a dear Christian. Wonderful story!
This made think of my years working in a nursing home. Some residents knew they were blessed, regardless of their circumstances. It's an excellent, beautifully written piece. Thank you for sharing.
Oh, I love this.

Be careful of copyright with song lyrics, though. It looks like this was copyrighted in 1957, which would not be public domain yet. Probably not a big deal for the challenge, but could impact how publishable it would be in other contexts.

But oh, yes. The wonder of it all!
One of the most beautiful stories I have read.
It's so hard seeing loved ones suffer. Your mother surely appreciated your visits. Thanks for sharing this touching story.
This gave me goosebumps. Beautiful story! My first job was as a nurses' aid in a nursing home, and I loved spending time with the patients when I could.
My mother was just as resolved to move to an assisted living when that time came. Our stories are similar. What a true blessing you received from a sweet lady. Your writing was powerful and filled with hope.
What a sweet story, and the fact that it is true, makes it all the better.

God blesses us in the most unusual ways- and I am glad He could bless you that night.
Congratulations on ranking 15 overall. Happy Dance!