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Love it all - especially when Dolly stepped forward. :)
This is a delightful story. Right away, you took me back in time. I could feel the heat of the crowd, the dustiness in the tent. The dialog really helped to develop your characters. I think you did an awesome job of writing on topic, and the ending was brilliant.
Powerfully written and expressed, great job with the topic. Thank you!

I didn't know where you were going with this but I felt like I was watching a movie. I didn't know whether Ed would be struck by lightning, exposed as the scammer that he was, or what. But you gave it a redeeming and heartwarming ending. Great entry and so well done!
Out of the box--great story--unpredictable with strong characterization
and excellent description. I loved it.
I love that the MC's name was part of his persona. Great use of the topic. Fun story with a great ending.
This is good. At first I was a bit mad at Ed... but he seems to have come around. Nice job with this.
I didn't know where you'd go with this, so I had to keep reading. What a great story with a nice ending. Well done.
Loved this. My mind is swirling with all the possibilities of who the younger man might be, especially since “Ed” was sensing himself change from inside out as well. I love Dolly’s way of supporting while also desiring integrity. She’s a praying woman, isn’t she? :)
I loved this! I felt like I was watching an old western TV show. I chuckled at the name Ed Bless. I thought for sure you would play on that and do a Bless-Ed! You did, kind of. Well done!
I LOVE this piece. So much so I wish I had written it!

I love that although it is light-hearted, there is a real truth to the story. And I am so glad that Ed Bless was changed by the appearance of the young man.
Congratulations on ranking 14 overall. Happy Dance!