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I'm speechless (wordless?). I can't put into words what I'm feeling after reading this. Beautifully done. I think all who read this are going to be thanking God for the small irritations and praising Him that that's all they are.
Your story touched my heart. I'm glad you found out your problem, and God was with your through the situation.
Thank you for your honest story that truly peeled back the curtains to allow us a look into your life before your husband's passing.

I was relieved for you when you learned of your "misophonia" and realized it wasn't a spiritual problem.

I'm glad you had so many years together, and you have given many of us reason to enjoy all of life's irritations in a special way.

God Bless you and sorry for your loss~
What an interesting story! I wondered if simple ear plugs would have helped? Thank you for sharing this.
Well done! Congrats on your EC!