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Love it! She was definitely already that woman in Proverbs. Great job.
That Proverbs Woman is a myth! No one can achieve that perfection, not even Martha Stewart! I enjoyed this spa day, but I felt for the MC. (You?) She probably would have enjoyed it more with her husband present. Well done!
I wish I knew how to make the font on my comment green because I'm absolutely green with envy that I didn't write this wonderful piece. While I've never been to a spa, it's such a vivid description of a typical family when Mom goes away for a few days. You captured it beautifully and if you don't win big on this one, I'll be totally shocked. Great job !!!
I LOVED your story, all of it--so much the desire of so many to be the Proverbs woman, and like your M.C., we fall short. I have so many "Wish I had done ..." and Lord, bless my family anyway!"
Great job with this!

This story made me smile. I especially liked the Skype chats, but the whole piece was great. Well done!
The Proverbs woman was written by a man! She is as elusive as a unicorn!

Having said that, this piece was lovely - made me smile because I have been that mom (except I stayed!)

Well written, and solid.
Heh. I like this. Also, who says we can't become more like the Proverb's 31 woman while also enjoying some time to ourselves? :) Loved some of the kids' antics and the line about coming from Cincinnati.
The only way we will come close to the goal of being more like the elusive Proverbs woman is to value self-care.

I really enjoyed the family dynamics of this, especially the dad trying to hide the bumps from mom while she is away.

Great job. And I literally laughed out loud at the Cincinnati remark.
Great ending! Congratulations!
Congratulations on your 2nd place win, Betty.

I enjoyed the dialog and humor in the piece. The title sums the story well.