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This is so believable. I could just see it unfold. Excellent.
This made me smile all the way through. I enjoyed listening in on this young person's thoughts. The story is believable, and then a surprise ending. Well done.
What a fun story. The last paragraph made me smile. Thank you for sharing this entertaining, well-written piece.
I enjoy this story. I could hear the adolescent kid talk a mile a minute in this story. Well done!
School days have a way of leaving us all in a daze. It looks like you've captured the memories well.
We can see in the memories the fondness growing as time for school to open again in this delightful monologue!
So well done, and well written! I enjoyed this entire piece from beginning to end.

Thank you,

I think every child on the face of the planet has had this conversation in his/her head! I know I have.

Very clever and held my attention from beginning to end.
A well-written and fun entry. I really enjoyed his list of things he didn't get done.
Heh. I like this.

When I was reading this, I thought the MC was younger than middle school.... Maybe start off with something like "I can believe I start middle school in 48 hours."

I liked the ending.
This is great. It takes me back to my days of school. They'd publish the homeroom teachers in the newspaper the Thursday before school started and I'd be checking for that paper constantly. I think you did a great out-of-the-box story that was still on topic. Congratulations on ranking 16th overall. Happy Dance!