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How powerful. Read one thing while something else entirely different is happening - very clever.

I loved this from beginning to end!

You 'hooked' me in the heart!

That was an emotional revelation you sprung on us:) Well done. This tactic worked well and I can see it being useful in future writings as well.
You fooled me. I was expecting this to go a completely different way. You held my attention throughout. Great piece of writing.
Wow! Goosebumps. I was thinking a runner who was an amputee. Well done.
This is spectacular. You start right off with the conflict and keep the suspense going right to the end. I knew there was going to be some twist, and rarely am I totally surprised at the ending, but you did it, and I love it when I don't see the ending coming. Excellent writing.
Fantastic job with the topic in this well written entry.
I agree with all of the comments.

Nicely done,
Oh, this is great. I had a feeling there's be a twist, but I wasn't expecting that twist. I love this.
You held my attention and gave me a surprise ending. Well done.
This is a wonderful story, written with more than a touch of suspense. I like how life followed the dream--to a point--and how well your surprise ending worked.
I agree with all the above comments. This is a great entry and I wish you the best when the judges turn in their reports. Kudos !!
The marathon runners used to pass close to my house. I went out to cheer them on. It was interesting to see all the different ages and abilities. I am so glad you got to finish the race.
Congratulations on placing 4th place this week, Yvonne.

What an act of courage.
Congrats Yvonne on you EC award!