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I chuckled from beginning to end on this one, although the whole 'sitting in his chair while you got dinner ready because he is the head of the house' rankles!

Your closing line made me laugh - so funny.

At least you are both winners because of your mutual love and your love for God!
What a hilarious account of the competition between you and your husband! I was totally engaged and loved every word. I especially liked the Texas hot sauce comment. I'll have to look for that at my local grocery store. Thanks for sharing with us.
Giggling here. This sounds like something my husband and I would do. Great story-telling.
Oh my, what a hoot! I loved how you told this! And I have a feeling, that competitive spirit of you both is what kept you two going! (Especially dealing with the traditional 90/10 thing)
This is priceless. Absolutely loved it.
This was awesome! However, I'm glad it was not a major problem that made him slow down. I laughed throughout the piece.
This was so entertaining. I enjoyed it so much.
Great job!

Oh, this is great. Makes me wonder how much of this is based in truth and how much is embellished, or if it's mostly fiction, or what. My guess is based on truth with a few liberties added in. But in the end, it doesn't really matter. I like it!
What a hoot. Thanks for this entertaining story. :)
What a fun story--and a fun marriage. I can just see John waving and blowing kisses as he passes you while you're getting a ticket. It's obvious you and John are two strong individuals, both with a competitive streak a mile long and love enough to last forever! You gave me a good laugh today!
This is a hoot. I realize it is tongue in cheek and delighted in your sense of humor. I'm not sure how you missed the police car because I saw it coming from here. Teehee. I think I understand that this type of marriage works for you. It isn't perfect for everyone, and not all men can see how hard women work on top of full-time jobs. I'm blessed with a mate who is almost a perfect fit for me. I'd bet the MC heard about that costly mistake for quite some time. I think the cliché, I can't win for losing must have been born out from a story like this one. Thanks for the chuckle. You nailed the story even if you lost the race.
I always appreciate a story that makes me laugh. It's hard to write comedy.
Thanks for a fun read - all the way through, with a great build-up to your last line. Well done

what a fun entry! And that is totally something I would do:) Congrats on the WELL-DESERVED win!
Congratulations on winning 1st place in the EC awards this week, Marianne.

It was really a fun read with a good lesson.
Congratulations on winning 1st place! This was such an enjoyable read! Hilarious!
Congrats Mariane on your 1st place win!
Congratulations on top honors for this delightful story, dear Mariane. You have the perfect touch to hold readers captive from first word to last.
Congrats on your well deserved win on this amazing entry.

God bless~