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Oh, dear writer. My heart grieves for the truth of your story, yet grateful for your faithfulness and God’s victory. Since my husband just recently entered a facility my prayers are continuous for his care and I am diligent about being in and out of the facility. Thank you for your work with the helpless, but not hopeless. Praise God.
I am so glad you followed your conscience instead of company politics. However, it is sad to think that Rose (and many others) had to suffer abuse in a place meant to protect them.

There are a couple of sentences that I would suggest you revise for clarification:

I stood my ground, and insisted something needed to be done for Rose. I found out later she abused three other people (It sounded like Rose was the abuser and not the abused).
Wow. Proof positive, we all have stories that need telling.

This needed to be written. Raw and powerful. The weight of this piece lingers with the reader.

Simply compelling.

...My heart. Tears. All that.
Sadly, this happens too often. I'm sorry you were met with this; and yet I am glad it was you. Thank you for standing up for Rose.
This is an eye opening piece of writing that stirred me up. I was angry with the writer as she had been tricked out of her position but cheering the writer on as she had stood her ground. She is clearly the winner! Thanks so much for sharing your story.
I sit stunned after reading this story. I agree with the other commenters. In my undergrad years, I worked as a nurse aide in such facilities and, honestly, all of my colleagues loved the residents like our own family members. This makes me sad on so many levels. Thanks for sharing your story with such transparency.
Oh, how awful! You were in the right. The man who fired you will face God and be held accountable for his actions.

Wing His Words
If this is a a non-fiction story, there are laws to help you out, which you probably know about. DOJ for one! That is criminal conduct, plus wrongful termination, whistle blower policy and so on!

Need to call ombudsman and get this place shut down!
Well-told report. Just one sentence that needs fixing because it sounds like Rose is the abuser ' ...something needed to be done for Rose. I found out later on she’d abused three other people!'
Graphic and dramatic account of abuse of defenceless people. We are about to have a national probe into geriatric care here in Australia, so I'm sure that similar cases of abuse will emerge - though I'm hoping that it will be much more than a lawyers' banquet; and that well-run facilities will not have to face contrived accusations.
Back to your entry, it shows your care and your clear Christian conviction - even if you had to face your dismissal. God bless you in this.
Wow what a powerful story. It couldn't have been easy to tell nor could it have been easy to live through. Others have pointed out some places that could use smoothing. That's so hard in a true story because the story is so clear in your mind. One thing that might help is to ask someone to read it aloud and if they stumble, it might need to be tweaked. I noticed another tiny thing that many other people make the same mistake; in this sentence: but most important, a heart for the precious individuals that lived there.
The word that should be who (because as you've clearly shown in this awesome piece people are people not things). If it were a thing, it would be that, but since you're referring to a person it's who. You did a great job of writing on topic, have many clear messages, and your sweet heart and kind soul shows through in every word. Outstanding retelling of a story that is still true in way too many places. Thank you for being a voice for all those who have no voice.
These facilities need more staff who will stand up like you did. Well written and held my attention all the way through.
Although your story didn't place in the top ten this week, it's a winner in my book, C. D.
This should have won 1st place. What a marvelous reminder that those who can't speak for themselves need an advocate and you were certainly that, even though it came with a very high price. Your writing is precise, crisp, with no wasted words, and I'll be following your entries more often now that I've read this one. I'm so proud of you and thankful that you were in God's place and in God's perfect timing. God bless you.