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Such a beautiful uplifting story. Thank you.
God bless~
This is a sweet story. You did a great job of getting into the head and emotions of Claire. I like that the ending was a bit different than expected. Although I'll be honest, at first it made me pause because I thought she married her foster brother, which would be highly discouraged. But then I double-checked and realized it wasn't her foster brother. I also shivered a bit that it seems like she was married at age 15 (that's when she got her forever home and she was 14 when she went to dance), but I'm not positive if you meant she got married at 15 or just felt at home then. I did really like how you wove the story together. My in-laws have been a wonderful blessing to me after both of my parents died too. Although they will never replace my parents, it's awesome how God provides people to fill the holes in our heart. Your lovely story demonstrated this beautifully.
Two entries that I have seen that deal with foster care - and yet they are so different!

I agree with a previous poster who mentioned confusion with age and marriage. But this is a solidly written piece!
Cute story. I did have to re-read to figure out all the different relationships. Is this a true story?
Congratulations on ranking 16th overall. Happy Dance!