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What a sad-sweet story. You covered so well the feelings of a foster child, taken in for the money. The reader could clearly see the desire to be part of a real home. Kudos for an excellent job!
Touching and heart wrenching story. You've managed to bring to light the plight of so many foster children, and what they go through.

My best friend who has since passed, was in 12 foster homes, most of which she had suffered some rough times.

Yet despite her upbringing, she was a caring, sweet kind woman who worked in nursing homes as a Therapeutic Director of Activities, and you'd never know her childhood story, her personality was dynamic, lovable and compassionate.

I think her childhood framed her career and made her who she was, special beyond special. As a matter of fact Valentine's Day is her birthday, perfect, because she was a sweetheart.

Thanks for this story.

Thank you for sharing.

I wanted the story to continue. I got to the end before I knew it and wanted to keep on reading. My mother was in foster care, and I’ve been a foster parent — there’s nothing easy about it for the children — ever.
Believable characters and the easy flow of the conversation made this a easy read. One I wanted to continue.
This dear girl. I hope this is the foster family that finally really cares for her.
It makes me sad to know this is an all too true situation for many kids. Thank you for sharing this touching story.
It's so sad that some kids grow up being shifted from one home to another like this. I can see this being the beginning of a longer work. Then we can all learn more about these girls. Well done.
Good story. (I almost wrote about foster homes too.)
I think when you write the dialogue, it would help if you separate the lines, as you would a new paragraph.
Good job showing the thoughts and words of a teen.
This subject is dear to my heart, not because I've experienced it but have seen it among schoolmates. You did a great job making it real, painful as it is. The best book I've ever read on the subject is "Etched in Sand: A True Story of Five Siblings Who Survived an Unspeakable Childhood on Long Island". Aug 6, 2013 by Regina Calcaterra. I bought it for my Kindle and simply couldn't stop reading. You've captured the mindset of these forgotten, often misused and misunderstood children. Great read!
There was a foster care agency office in the buildings of where I used to work. I would see little kids toting trash bags and it broke my heart. I would love to read more on this story.
Such a heart wrenching reminder that home is not always a happy place. I like the hope that Amy's comments give to the MC. I would love to see this expanded into the opening of a longer story about how Lyla's life changes with caring foster parents.
You did an outstanding job of developing these characters. I felt like I was right in the room with them. My heart aches for the many kids who need homes. Oh how I wish I was able to be a foster mom, but my health won't allow it. But it doesn't stop me from praying. I just prayed now because of your touching story.
Congratulations on your 5th place finish this week, Corrine.

It is unfortunate how many foster kids fall through the cracks. Most of them never even get a chance to go to college.

It broke my heart to see the main character holding on to her garbage bag at the end of the story waiting for the bottom to drop out on her newest placement.
God Bless~