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This was powerful in content, delivery and shattering in truth. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

So many will relate to this well written entry.

First, how did you get my walls to talk? I can relate to this on so many levels. You're brutally honest, yet offer faith and hope. This is a riveting piece. I'm sure I'm not the only one who understands it. When I'm alone, I'll scream and swear--the release offering some relief, but when others are near, I try so hard to hide the worst from them. The reminder about being honest in front of God is quite timely.
I could relate to the pain and agony this character is going through. Other people can't always understand an illness that doesn't show up on X-rays or blood tests.

I liked the repetition of the phrase, If her walls could talk.
“If her walls could talk” they would shout to the world how brave this person is, everyday. Invisible illnesses are like a prison yet you give hope beyond that and show how God brings light into that darkness.
Very well done.
Invisible illness and faking it when others are around. I love this. It's spot on.
You did a great job of capturing what this subject is all about in this well-written piece.
Thank you for sharing.
So true . . . our homes are a place where we can be our true selves.
I think it would help to include the actual words of the owner - show, not tell.
My mother suffered from lupus, and I saw her lonely, honest feelings at home when she was putting on a cheerful face for guests.
It's true that we all live lives of quiet desperation. Even Christians are not spared unbelievable pain, which makes us appreciate His pain on the cross even more. If your walls could talk, they'd see a person of faith, a heart for others, honesty and integrity in telling it like it is, and conversations with God all during the days and nights. More people than you realize will read this and say, "I could have written this." But you wrote it and did a very worthy job.
You really put into words the intense pain felt for the chronically ill. I think the walls could also speak of the lonely and depressed persons residing within.
You did a wonderful characterization through "her walls" of a person who, while suffering, does good things with a good attitude because of God's help.
I love the repetition of 'If her walls could talk". That is very powerful.
Very moving and honest entry. The repetition of the title within the piece adds a lot to the powerful writing. As does the contrast between the expression of the pain and the hope of leaning on God during the pain. Great job.
Your story helps me hear what happens after I leave a visit with an acquaintance. Your story is part of God's nudging to seek out and be a friend to her authentic self. May you be blessed as you have blessed.
Congratulations on your 8th place finish, Laurie.
My congrats for your well deserved EC.
God bless~
Congratulations, dear Laurie! It is a delight to see you on the EC list. I love your title, which is certain to grab a reader, as it did me. And, your paragraphs serve as an excellent way to turn a writer's heart inside out, to reveal what many experience but don't know how to convey. Thank you for sharing your story for others as well as for the Lord who doesn't leave us comfortless.