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You took a simple situation that we have all been in, and made it delightful. I loved the dialogue in the MC’s head! Very well done.
I loved this! You describe so many people in this situation, yet made it humorous, and serious at the end. Great job!
You captured what most of us do from time to time during such a humorous way! (And even during sermons!)
And although I may have not felt the conviction part, you mailed me on the pedicure. : )
FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY ! It wouldn't be difficult to guess who wrote this because your humor is known all over FW and FB. This is a winner, for sure. I LOVE it. ! ♥
I have really missed the humor this author has in such a rich supply. I could totally identify with the observations expressed, and I'm happy to say that after many, many years of never having a pedicure, I now get one monthly. It "ain't" all bad getting old!
Oh - I read this one yesterday but did not have the time to comment - made me laugh! And TBH I have done the same thing-looked at shoes and feet and day-dreamed.

A creative twist on the topic that is for sure!
I enjoyed reading the inner ramblings of this woman, and I could picture her in the situation. Made me chuckle, but I also like the serious point at the end. Well done.
Mind wandering when a preacher is talking???? Shame on you; though it may be more shameful if the preacher's mind is also hiking around everywhere but where it should be.
But seriously, I enjoyed the fun of the inner dialogue of your MC's observations. And if it's any encouragement, I once gave a friendly rebuke to a man who I'd seen with his head bowed throughout my message. He was a sports fan, and I knew of an overnight event that I was certain he'd watched. His response was to hand me a pad with all the points he'd noted from my sermon. Lunch that day for me was a large serving of humble pie!!!!
If you asked me if I would like a story that describes shoes, I'd bet my answer would've been no. But after reading this story, I have a whole different take on it. You kept my attention throughout the entire piece. I also enjoyed your subtle sense of humor too. Your take on the topic was fresh and the message touched my heart.
This was a fun read, and I can admit to mind wandering in church! Well done!
PS: I also think I know who authored this humorous story!
I loved reading the thoughts of this MC and the humor.

Who of us can honestly say that we have not struggled from time to time with paying attention during church, especially when tired? And to believe that the pastor is watching us when we don't?

Being the hands and feet of Christ was an excellent draw back to the service as well as a good reminder of what that can look like. Great job.
Great job with this!
Well done,
God Bless~