The Official Writing Challenge
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This is very well done...I like it a lot.
What if everyone who posted in Challenge entries also commented on/critiqued at least three others? I'm shocked that so many post, and so few read and post a review for others. It seems only a few people have the courtesy to critique but would like the critiques on their own. I am new here, and originally was excited about this site. If you are one who DOES regularly read and comment on others work, then may the Lord bless you mightily and publish you quickly.
How disappointing that would be, I can't imagine. However, you were right that the message about Jesus is the most important.

Very well written. God bless!
Oh my goodness! You know, I have told the Lord that I am determined to write what He has put into my heart to write even if I write it as a ghost writer, or even if no one reads it until after I'm gone home. As I read your wonderfully written testimony, I was allowed to experience what I've told the Lord I would do, and what you DID do. Your heavenly recognition is far greater than the earthly. I praise God with you that your work is out there affecting lives for His Kingdom. Wow. Congratulations!