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It's hard to believe how suddenly a body can tell its owner "I won't do this any more!" But your grasp of the event's details and its on-going effects are totally credible. Well done.
I just found out I have Esophagitis. I read a list of foods to avoid: tomatoes, chocolate, citrus fruits, pop, coffee, gum, onions, garlic, etc., so I can sympathize with the MC.
So sorry for your troubles as food is often the thread of socialization, and it becomes exceedingly difficult when one is limited due to a health disorder.

But, the positive note is, you've recognized and found out what the problem is, and thank God and His mercy, you can control it! So I'd say that's wonderful.

Thanks for sharing this with us, it may help another individual who might have similar symptoms.
I enjoyed the progression of time you displayed in this writing - a well written life story. It seemed written from experience.