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I really enjoyed this very much; it' quite cleverly written--one point though to agree to disagree: It's always between you and me because they're both objects of the preposition.
Aha . . . I see I failed to proofread--which rule I hammered at my students for years--it's instead of it.
Loved this! Now if only I could figure out how to use commas correctly—but then someone would be sure to disagree anyway!
Loved this, and so much fun to to read! Clever title too!
Very clever! An enjoyable read.
I loved the title, by the way.
I either enjoy the story or I don't enjoy the story...never one to look at "correct use" of this or that, put it quite simply, "I enjoyed this!"

A good laugh I can certainly empathize with. Very creative.
Unique and relative! Great poem!
Oh I love this. I was grinning the whole time. I think it was simply brilliant. As an editor, I think I've debated and looked up every single one of those grammar mysteries. This soars to my all-time favorite lists. Thanks for the chuckle. I really needed it right now. Congratulations on your EC! Happy Dance!
I loved this Bonnie! So happy to see the 3rd place EC ranking. Well deserved.
This is so awesome, Bonnie! I'm so glad it did this well. Congrats.

And as for the message of the poem - I say amen. :)
Congratulations, Bonnie, on your EC for this light-hearted look at grammar. It reminds me not to be so rigid about rhyme and meter as well. :)
I also was grinning the whole time reading this. So many years since I had grammar that it has been a challenge now as a writer. I loved it!!