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Well done! You plumbed the depths and made me think as you took me on your journey through the textbook.
Philosophical discussions just float over my head, but I enjoyed the lessons you shared from your class experiences.

Your title drew me right in.
I know how you feel, I also felt like my "Critical Thinking" class in college was a "hold-your-nose" class! Thank you for your wise and educational comments! I also like your approach to witnessing to the provide "a lamp unto their feet and a sturdy signpost on their winding road." Great Job!

"Deep thinkers" in my philosophy classes was more of a nuisance than a learning experience for me! LOL...
Well done,

This is extremely well-written! It was a very clear exposition of the difference between "valid" and "truthful," which is so helpful when dealing with the beliefs of those who reject The Truth Himself, Jesus Christ.
Thanks for a great submission. Kudos!