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I found this story extremely moving, and also extremely well told. I loved the way you subtly hinted at the possible cause and showed, without telling, the joy the priest felt at finding a house where life is still going on. I'm guessing this will be amongst the winners.
Excellent detail and writing though so dark and sad.
Dark Enigma was like reading a story written long ago. I was transported to a different time. Loved the Scandinavian names, which set the scene too.

Congratulations! A well-deserved win.
Your words are so powerful that one is transported into that dark environment.
Congrats on another amazing entry.
i am so inspired by your entry. The way you intertwined heartbreak, faith, and hope just makes me say - Wow! You have raised the bar- for me at least. I want to read more, but I, a wanna-be writer, also want to learn more. God bless! .
I often ponder about the origination of your story ideas. You have a gift of evoking powerful emotions and details.

Congratulations on another win, Ann.
The way you wove compassion, grief and determination together in those hopeless circumstances was profound.