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This is cute. And yes, I'd say his prediction was a tad bit modest. Kind of like the prediction that "One day, a computer will be able to fit in a single room!"
If only Alexander Bell could see the phones of today! The first phones must have amazed people and they've become so much more amazing. Well written and an interesting, historic take on the topic.
I'm sure this will "connect" with those who read it!

Well done my friend.

God bless~
Dear Noel...

So brilliantly bad,
Your nearly rhyme had,
A plethora of glitches,
That creased me in stitches.

I quickly assumed,
That your brain had malfumed,
Now there's a colloquialism,
To top any Noelogism.

But I will not compete,
'Cos I've got cold feet,
And you are the master,
Of rhyming disaster!!!

Keep 'em coming...

Who could tell
If your verse
Is worse
Than my verbal collection's
Lack of directions?

Yet the words you choose
For your reviews
Are a regular source of mirth
From this side of the Earth