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And what a beautiful voice it is coming from a truly beautiful spirit.

Thank you for your entry that touched my heart and soul.

Your voice will live on forever my friend, and you've touched so many along the way. So glad we met here at FW, I'm blessed to have had you as a friend.

I will keep you in prayer, as always.

May God's perfect peace guide you and lead you home where your voice will sing and speak for evermore.

Love and prayers~

Your story is not ending; instead, it is just beginning!

I'd title your story 'Eternity.'

Everything so far has been the 'introduction.'

You will be Winging Your Words in worship of Christ. He is the Living WORD!
Thank you for your frank and transparent entry. The truth not only sets us free, but it opens doors for us to reach others in a profound way. Your story is one that brings hope, encouraging us to share the important things with those we love, but also all others with whom we come into contact. Thanks so much for this lovely entry.
Such a touching entry that messages so much...all too often we fill our time up with, and speak things that are unimportant, leaving the really important undone and unsaid. Our words are something that outlives us, thank you for the reminder. Praying Gods peace guides and comforts you and thank you for being a blessing with your words!
Oh my, Lynn, I have tears flowing down my face. You have inspired me so much. Your faith, your courage, and your compassion blows me away. Congratulations on your 1st place EC. This is stunning and I'm doing my Happy Dance because you know Jesus and have that passion to reach out and share him with others. If you ever need to talk, day or night I am here. Huge hugs.
Congratulations, Lynn, on your first place EC for this thought-provoking, inspiring vignette. May we be blessed with your gift of writing as long as you are up to it, and may God ease your transition to His Kingdom.
Hello Lynn! Even though I don't know you personally, I feel like I do when I read your posts. I felt so sad in reading this, as I know the struggles you must have gone through. Thank you for encouraging so many of us through your writing. My problems are just little frustrations compared to yours, it really makes me appreciate loved ones around me, and to "talk" too them more often! May God wrap His loving arms around you in the months to come and give you peace!
Thank you for sharing this powerful testimony. I will pray for God's peace for you and your family. Congratulations on your first place win, too.
Dearest Lynn,

Congratulations on your EC and first place win.

My heart is smiling at your coveted win and my heart is smiling because you're my friend, and one that will remain in this smiling heart forever.

Thank you for your inspiring entries, for showing what courage is all about, and for helping so many people doing your journey. Most of all, thank you for shining Jesus' light in every aspect of your life.

God hold you my sweet friend now and always,

With love and prayers~
Congratulations on your winning entry, Lynn! Through your testimony, 'you have' won a place in the hearts of readers. 'You have' fought the fight and will soon receive to prize, the crown of life!

Wing His Words
Congrats on your championship win, Lynn! Your entry will keep touching people for many years to come.
Congratulations for first place for this beautiful witness to the peace that Jesus gives. What a sad but lovely story to show God's grace to you through the years.
Lynn, What a precious child od God you are. My eyes welded up with tears as I read this empassioned testimony full of courage and determination.

Your voice will remain strong through your writings as you share the saving grace of Jesus.

I pray for you and your family

You've just gotten your second wind of a runner.

No matter how long the distance, you've already won the race.The Crown of life awaits.
Oh the things I miss when I'm not around! Lynn I am so pleased, saddened and exuberant all the same time over this piece. What a special power your voice carries in written form. Congratulations on the fine win. You really are a fantastic writer, but we've known that all along ☺.
Hi Lynn,

This article cuts right to the heart of the matter. My prayers are with you and your family. In more than one way, you have found your voice, and it is powerful, penetrating and far-reaching. Many blessings upon you.
Dear Lynn, Thank you for writing this beautiful piece an sharing your journey and God's empowerment of you to be talkative now. There's no doubt that your words, written and spoken, will have a mighty impact on many and draw people to the Lord who you love and loves you. May you know his peace and love more and more as you move towards your forever time with him.
Thank you so much for writing this. I can now better understand what my SIL must be going through. You have a blessed gift of communication!
Your stunning testimony is difficult for me to comment on. I am grateful for your renewal and peace but am already grieving the loss of your wonderful voice. Oh dear dear dear most beautiful sister in Christ, may you continue to have the energy to talk of His love with everyone you come across!
Oh, Lynn, somehow I know you will see my tears. I'm so sorry that this horrible disease beat you, but then I'm reminded that it didn't because you are now in the arms of Jesus. I'll miss you dearly my friend.