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A gentle and moving story which I enjoyed reading. You've told it well. Thank you.
Congratulations, miss First Place! This story was so charming and heart-warming. Glad to see you back in all your talented glory.
Such a beautiful story--#1 for sure!
Congrats Jan. Beautifully told from a grandma's perspective. Touching and loving.
What is that achy, sweet but sore, feeling in my gut? I's the subtle but powerful writing in this lovely piece. Loved it Jan!
Congratulations, Jan, on your 1st place EC award.

I was wondering if your grandson had Autism or OCD because he liked such precise order, but I think you were the best kind of grandma for loving him for him.
Congratulations, Jan. Your 1st place is well-deserved. I've already said how much I enjoyed your story.
Yes Jan, I noted all the little red flags up there in the artificial flower aisle, but with 42 years experience of autism/OCD they kind of jump out and bop me on the nose. However, as a new mother all those years ago, I also missed every sign, and then again five years later. I don't know if this is a true story, but either way it's a great story for the topic and well deserving of first place. Congratulations!
The authenticity of your MC's experience shines. As do you in your ability to come up with fresh and unique tales to delight us.

Congratulations on your well deserved win.
Thank you Jan for this beautiful story.
Autism jumped out at me.
However, it's never too late as nothing is impossible with God.
Thanks again for this lovely presentation.